Baguia Collection at the Museum der Kulturen Basel

The Baguia Collection is part of the permanent collection of the Museum der Kulturen Basel, Switzerland. The Collection was acquired by the Swiss ethnologist, Dr Alfred Bühler, during his visit to Baguia, Portuguese Timor, as part of the Timor, Rote, Flores Expedition, 1935 which he undertook from 27 March to 18 December, 1935 under the direction of the Museum der Kulturen Basel Commission.

Dr Bühler’s expedition to Baguia occurred from 31 July to 18 August, 1935. During that time he acquired and documented 691 objects and took over 300 black and white photographs, akin to a time-capsule of the material culture, architecture, technologies, lifestyle and landscape of Baguia and its residents. The Baguia Collection also includes film footage, taken by Dr Wilhelm L. Meyer, who accompanied Dr Bühler on the expedition.

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