Thanks to Jacqueline MF Ximenes and Salustianus Fraga for their assistance in the field and to Jose da Costa for his assistance with Makasae language.

The following organisations supported the Baguia Collection research and contributed to the development of this database:

Museum der Kulturen Basel provided access to the Baguia Collection and the reproduction of images of the collection.

Centre for the Research of Digital Humanities, Australian National University for the Online Cultural Collections Analysis and Management System (OCCAMS) database, designed by Junran Lei.


UNESCO Regional Committee for Asian-Pacific (MOWCAP) Memory of the World – Asia Culture Center funded the digitisation of Dr. Wilhelm Meyer’s film footage and the development of this website.

Timor Aid, a non-profit organisation based in Dili, Timor-Leste which supports the documentation of Timor-Leste’s cultural heritage.

Babadok, M (drum).
Source: Museum der Kulturen Basel, MKB IIc 6232
Photograph by Joanna Barrkman, 2014